Recap: 2018 Data Enhancements

In 2018, thousands of companies around the world used our data to solve their business problems and fight fraud. The Ekata team worked tirelessly in the pursuit of fulfilling our mission: to provide leading global identity verification solutions. To continue providing our best-in-class product suite, our team buckled up for change, knowing that we were embarking on our biggest challenge yet.
We quickly set out to deliver unparalleled quality, coverage, and accuracy across our five core data attributes – email, phone, name (person or business), address, and IP. The result – adding more data than ever before to our Identity Graph, now totaling over 5 billion entities in a 10TB database. With over 21 years of data experience, we now have records for over 25% of the world’s population.
We’ve also built very low-latency products and additional Identity Network insights to provide the best solutions and service to our cross-border customers. Our long list of data improvements have demonstrated high value for our customers; which is why we continue to heavily invest in our infrastructure (we’ve already had our first data release of the year).
While there was a lot of innovation and change in 2018, there was one thing that stayed constant – our ability to scale. Our foundation is data at massive scale and the quest to be the leader in providing global identity verification data doesn’t stop here.
Check out our newest infographic below to see the progress we made in 2018.

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