Data Update: Full speed ahead with our first release of 2019

Data update: email to name coverage increases over 29% globally, with over 361 million records added to our Identity Graph
2018 was a big year for Ekata as we expanded cross-border data coverage and improved the ways in which we deliver data to customers around the world. We invested heavily into our engineering and infrastructure, enabling us to deliver more data and more reliability at faster speeds than ever before– effectively adding a multiplier to the growth rate of our cross-border coverage while simultaneously reducing the latency at which it is delivered.

“The global expansion of the Ekata Identity Graph has been years in the making, and in 2018 we continued to drive innovation forward and deliver more value than ever to our customers.

  • We developed a proprietary graph structure to speed up queries against our Identity Graph, enabling best-in-class API latency and performance
  • We launched a Global Address Validation service with the ability to uniquely identify any valid Address queried through our API globally
  • We now support Address Identity verifications in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico & Australia (along with the US and Canada as we have for years).

It was truly a banner year for data innovation in Ekata, and 2019 is set up to continue the trend!”
-Drew Hackleman, Product Director of Global Data Strategy & Systems at Ekata

We don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Our latest release included a huge lift in our global email to name coverage as well as a few (million) other additions. See below for a breakdown of the numbers.
29% overall increase in email to name coverage across the globe

US – 21 million more people with both online and offline links, increasing coverage by 10%

  • 42% increase in links between associated people
  • 15% more people’s age ranges identified
  • 32% increase in middle names

Brazil – 15 million more people with both online and offline links, increasing coverage by 17%
Mexico – Accuracy improvements of identifying mobile vs. landline phones
This release was the next step in our quest for cross border data. We improved our ability to predict risk and fight fraud with huge strides in our global email to name coverage and increases in the number of people with both online and offline links. Other highlights included more associations between people, birth dates, and middle names in the US, as well as improved accuracy in determining mobile vs. landline phone type in Mexico.
We are charging full-speed ahead in 2019 as the leading provider of global identity verification by sourcing the highest quality cross-border identity data available while advancing our infrastructure and engineering capabilities.
To read more about our 2018 accomplishments and 2019 predictions, check out our CEO, Rob Eleveld’s, latest blog post.

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