Manual review agents leverage Pro Insight on a record breaking day for eCommerce

Thanksgiving Day 2018 was the fastest growing day for eCommerce sales in history. In the anticipation of more consumers than ever turning to online shopping to avoid the crowds of brick-and-mortar stores, manual review teams geared up to expedite good transactions and fight fraud at unheard-of volumes this holiday season.
According to a survey recently done by Ekata about How eCommerce Companies Prep for the Holiday Season, most manual review teams see an increase in volume at least 25% during the holiday season. 47% of those teams purchase new tools to enable them to handle the massive uptick in volume.
Ekata built a manual review solution with the exact needs of these agents in mind. Pro Insight is the only global identity review solution that provides six ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and focused user experience.
As the leading manual review tool on the market for identity verification, just over the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone, Pro Insight was used to review a whopping 1.7 million transactions for 1,293 companies.
Leading up to the holiday season, the Ekata team continued to make improvements in our data coverage and added special features to help our customers fight fraud during their busiest time of the year. Here are a few of the highlights:
Primary link to secondary – Billing and shipping names for a given transaction are different around 40% of the time, which can be considered an indicator of risk. But with primary link to secondary, Pro Insight is able to surface links between those names to help find connections and mitigate risk. Read more here.
Over 175 million records added to our Identity Graph – Our recent data releases included improvements across the board with:

Jamie Ceccato, Risk Team Lead for, explains how Ekata Pro Insight helps them verify key details faster:

“Ekata Pro Insight just keeps working for us. Some services stagnate and don’t change with their customers’ needs or the industry, but Ekata is the one service that’s grown to accommodate our needs for manual reviews specifically. As a customer, I can see that there’s always something new, and that Ekata is taking suggestions into consideration and making changes.”

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