Data Update: For a Happy Christmas “Down Under” – Ekata releases Australian identity data

New data release: added 44+ million records to our Identity Graph including NEW Australian identity data and improvements in US and Canada business data
As the holiday season quickly approaches, eCommerce fraud teams are gearing up for the busiest time of the year and here at Ekata, we are gearing up to help them fight fraud and fulfill more good customers’ wishes with our truly global identity verification solutions.
We are pleased to announce another data release, only 1 month after our last, that further enables customers to tackle cross-border transactions with ease. This newest release brings tremendous lift in data coverage for Australia, in time to kick off a year expected to bring in 12.2B in eCommerce revenue. We’ve also seen substantial improvements in our business data coverage in the US and Canada from this release which enables companies to streamline new merchant onboarding, giving customers more places to shop this season.
Here’s the breakdown by the numbers:

Australia coverage update: 4.2 million people now linked to both an online and offline data attribute (email, phone, and/or address)

  • NEW – 12.7 million name to address links (77% coverage)
  • Added 8.2 million name to phone links, increasing coverage by 24%
  • Added 1.2 million name to email links, increasing coverage by 16%

Business coverage update in US and Canada

  • NEW – 2.3 million new business added
  • Added 3.7 million business to phone links
  • Added 1.7 million business to address links

With this release, we officially added Australia to the list of countries where we are supplying robust identity data for cross border transactions with the ability to match a name to both its online and offline identity data.
We are heading into the holiday season ready to provide powerful cross-border identity verification solutions for our customers in the countries most requested by them: United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and, of course, United States and Canada.
To learn more, check out our global identity verification solutions: Identity Check API for improved automation and Pro Insight for manual review.
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