How GiftRocker Rocks Online Gift Cards During The Holidays

Recently, we spoke with GiftRocker’s CEO and Founder, Alex Robertson, to talk about how his company preps for the holiday season. You won’t want to miss the useful information packed into this 30-minute webinar. Head here to check it out!
As a digital gift card company, GiftRocker is no stranger to the craziness of the holidays. The gift card industry processes 40% of their annual gift card volume during December, so how do they manage to keep customers happy while keeping the fraudsters out? A few of their tips:

  • Get an automated solution in place and refine all year round
  • Research manual review risk indicators and find the triggers for your industry
  • Take advantage of API and web solutions to help move the needle
  • Be customer focused, and always put them first

We also discussed how they’re prepping for the holidays to streamline the customer experience, their top three risk indicators for gift card fraud, and the biggest holiday challenges they face. Watch the recording of the webinar here.

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