How Organizations Are Using Data To Verify Identities

Data is at the heart of identity verification, however most organizations surveyed felt that even though they leverage multiple data points to verify identities, the amount of data they have is inadequate. Of those surveyed, only 13% felt they have access to all the data points they need.
Organizations often have access to traditional data points, such as physical address, but less than ⅓ have access to digital data, such as IP address. This makes it extremely difficult to link traditional and digital data attributes, thus help identify risk in digital transactions.
The most mature companies ALL use linkages, and there is tremendous momentum for stage 2 and 3 companies to adopt data linkages.
Most organizations see value in data linkages
The more an organization progresses up the identity verification maturation ladder, the more data linkages they use to improve their identity verification. Data linkages are relationships between different elements that provide an added layer of certainty to identity data, and 85% of companies agree this is an important signal.For this survey, we asked organization to provide their perspective on the following data linkages as part of their identity verification strategy:

  • Email-to-name
  • Phone-to-name
  • IP-to-address
  • Email-to-age of email

At Ekata, we have over 8 million links in our Identity Graph, which gets pinged over 3.5M times daily. Our Identity Check API or Pro Insight Identity Review web solutions help thousands of customers to cross reference data linkages, validate identities, and fight fraud.
Read more in the full report: The State of Identity Maturity Verification.

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