How Sunwing’s Fraud Team Soars Through Cross-Border Transactions

Sunwing Travel Group is a Canadian company, with customers as geographically varied as their many destinations. But no matter where a customer is located, Sunwing makes purchasing easy. The fraud prevention team deals with cross-border bookings through the website, the call center, and travel agencies. To handle the volume—and give their customers the smoothest experience—Sunwing’s team focuses on auto-allowing all orders, then ltering out fraudulent purchases.
Ekata Pro Insight makes their job easier. The global identity review solution provides a clear Confidence Score powered by real-time data, an interactive distance calculation map, and user-friendly deep dive options to further vet customer identity. Sunwing’s fraud team can set rules and let low-risk orders y past the review queue, then quickly use Pro Insight to manually review the rest.
Ivana Jankovic, Supervisor for Process and Risk Management at Sunwing Travel Group, explains how Pro Insight helps them with manual review.
“The Confidence Score is the number that I look at first when I open the link. It gives me a sign if it’s a positive or a negative, then I go through each field — phone, address, email and IP address. Additional information such as location distances is amazing. Ekata Pro Insight is a reliable source of information to verify the identity of the client.”
Read their full success story here.

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