Ekata’s Identity Data Toolkit for Marketplace Companies

Marketplace companies are inherently unique. From AirBnb to TaskRabbit to Etsy, each has grown to meet the needs of a specific market, which means they’ve become especially good at adapting standard business solutions and processes into something that fits their own flexible business models. Plus, because marketplace companies are intrinsically technology-oriented, if they don’t see a solution they want on the shelf they’re more than willing to build one out for their particular use case.
One-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work for marketplace companies—they need a flexible suite of solutions that can grow and change as they do.
That’s why Ekata has built a toolkit of global data APIs to allow marketplace companies to build their own identity solutions by providing direct access to the most comprehensive and accurate identity data for people and businesses.
From verification of orders and applications to querying orders by person, phone, address, or business name, Ekata APIs give companies fast access to data from over 170 countries—whatever your use case. And it’s fast, with response times under 0.2 seconds.
Just as the APIs are flexible, so is our data. Rather than returning static information, Ekata gives you a dynamic identity graph built of linkages between name, phone, email, and address:

  • Name checks: Verifies if the name matches the addresses, emails, and phones
  • Phone checks: Shows whether the phone numbers are valid, its country code, and if they match the names and addresses provided
  • Email checks: Shows whether the emails are valid, active, first seen dates, if the registered email names match the names provided, and IP address information
  • Address checks: Shows if the addresses (both billing and shipping) are real, valid, and if the resident names match the names provided

How marketplace companies can use this toolkit
Because marketplace companies are generally fast-growing with an emphasis on creating a low-friction sign-up experience, they are clear targets for fraudsters. The information contained in the Ekata Identity Graph™ can help with a variety of search types, depending on the specific needs of a marketplace company:

  • Validate: Is this a real person, and a real point of contact? What does the metadata show about potential risk?
  • Enrich/append: Based on the information provided, what additional information can we add to the customer’s identity?
  • Verify: When collecting multiple points of data for new accounts, how well does that information go together?

Put it all together, and the potential of this data for marketplace companies is highly impactful. We’ve seen marketplace companies use our data for a number of use cases:
Promo abuse: Cut down on promo abuse without increasing sign-up friction for good customers using our API for phone intelligence based risk signals. (Phone verification is especially important for mobile app sign-ups.)
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Duplicate accounts: With the potential for the same person to create multiple accounts, using our reverse phone API to identify who is behind the phone number can help identify if that user has already provisioned an account.
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Transaction risk: Use our identity verification API to determine the chargeback or fraud risk of a transaction based on verifying the name, phone, email, and billing/shipping addresses.
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Offline risk: The best predictor to offline risk is consumer anonymity. Anonymity can be indicated based on phone, email, or IP. Using our basic validation APIs can help accomplish verify those attributes.
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As a marketplace company, your fraud prevention needs during account opening and onboarding are unique. You need a identity solution that’s flexible and creative enough to meet you where you are. Learn more about Ekata’s flexible toolkit of identity data APIs for marketplace companies today.

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