Pro Insight on the Road: Manual Review Takeaways from India

As part of the Pro Insight launch, the Ekata Account Management & Product team have been on the road visiting our customers, training their agents on the new product, and collecting product feedback for future iterations. Recently, Kushal Shah, VP of Product, and myself made a trip across the world to India to visit the review teams for three of some of our largest enterprise customers. Aside from the invaluable product feedback, here are some of the main takeaways we learned from this trip:
1. Reduce review time and improve customer experience:
Lightning fast fulfilment times and frictionless checkout are now the industry standard for eCommerce companies. If you don’t offer these, consumers will go elsewhere for their online shopping needs. For all three teams we visited, they had 24-hour coverage to ensure that any order that needs manual review is being reviewed within minutes instead of hours— improving customer experience was top of mind.
The biggest slow-down for agents is the need to use different tools to review different data points. With Ekata Pro Insight, agents can get a complete picture of both the online (email & IP) and offline (address & phone) data points to make sure they meet customer expectations and don’t delay their orders. Pro Insight allows review teams to quickly assess an order by displaying the Confidence Score as well as the key positive and negative signals at the top of the results page. If an agent is unable to determine how to proceed on an order from this information, there is the ability to complete deep dives and individual searches in the results columns below.
2. Data, data, data!
As consumers demand a more frictionless online shopping experience, companies have leveraged automated rules and machine learning models to accept and reject as many orders automatically as possible. The manual review teams we visited are only seeing a slice of the most uncertain orders their company receives. At every stop on our visit in India, we heard from review agents that they are increasingly relying on deep dives and identity linkages to approve or reject orders.
With Ekata Pro Insight, agents can go beyond validation and name to data point matching. The tool leverages our Identity Graph to show relationships between two people and all their data attributes. For example, if a review agent sees a risky order where one person is sending someone else an expensive item all the way across the country, using Pro Insight could help that agent see that the two people shared a historical address and that in reality, it’s someone sending an old roommate a birthday present, not a fraudulent order.
3. Leverage machine learning even in manual review
All three companies we visited accept orders from all over the world. This opens the door for revenue streams in new international territories, but it also exposes your bottom line to less familiar fraud trends. During our trip, we saw that the review team’s processes and methods differed depending on what geography the order came from, but the one consistent factor in each of their workflows was the usage of Ekata Pro Insight for manual review. We even visited teams in less mature data markets that were leveraging the data signals we could provide in combination with our new Global Confidence Score. Orders from outside of the US and Canada used to be a pain-point for the teams we visited; now, they are just part of the normal workflow. With coverage in over 170+ countries, Pro Insight can give your team the ammo they need to investigate fraud and approve good transactions quickly.
It was a great experience to get to travel to India and see in person how some of the highest volume users are leveraging our tool. Collecting product feedback directly from these users will allows us to continue to innovate and improve the best manual review tool on the market.
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