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It’s hard to ignore how popular machine learning has become over the past six years. It’s now used everywhere due to the increasing availability of computational power, access to high-quality training datasets, and vast volumes of data. Many companies are using machine learning to collect, analyze, and leverage this abundance of data. So, how can this subset of artificial intelligence be helpful in the fraud space?
You’d be hard-pressed to find a better fraud prevention technique than machine learning. Today, online fraud is happening at lightning speed while increasing in sophistication. In order to prevent fraud, the process requires numerous repetitive tasks that must be completed faster than humans can manage, thus making machine learning and automation the perfect solution. Machines are more efficient and better suited to perform many of these tasks while also providing scale, as the ML algorithms can be trained and refined to see patterns in data and transactions that humans cannot. Thus, at Ekata, we continually invest in and use our quality global identity data and machine learning to provide APIs that optimize and automate your workflow.
Despite the popularity of machine learning and automation, the reality is that companies still need humans to catch fraud, especially for manual review. Fraud prevention systems for manual review that combine human input along with machine learning will be highly effective at fighting fraudsters who are using vast networks and automation to commit fraud. With our manual review solution, Pro Insight, we put the power of machine learning back into the hands of the agents, helping them handle peak volumes while fighting fraud. By leveraging our tool to help make decisions on risky transactions, agents have the power to approve good orders as accurately and efficiently as possible. Pro Insight is the only global identity review solution that provides six ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and focused user experience. The machine learning algorithms in Pro Insight provide agents with quality data and network insights in one simple interface to accelerate fraud detection and order verification. We ensure that the agents capture a higher percentage of genuinely fraudulent transactions while significantly reducing the number of false positives.
To further improve the manual review process, we’ve added the Confidence Score to Pro Insight. The Confidence Score is part of our Identity Review, which provides a comprehensive assessment of a transaction that leverages machine learning, the millions of transactional patterns across our network, and Identity Check’s 70+ data signals to deliver a score on a 0-500 range. We have built our Confidence Score model to translate machine learning into understandable signals for agents. The score is shown at the top of the results, with easy-to-digest, dynamic positive and negative signals explaining the story behind that score.
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