Introducing Pro Insight for Manual Review Teams

Since the launch of Pro Web in 2013, we’ve streamlined the manual review process for agents worldwide and helped save billions of dollars in fraud for businesses of all sizes across various industries. We, as a market-driven company, continuously invest in the improvement of our products and the quality of our global identity data. After 5 years of refining our manual review product, on July 10th, Ekata is proud to announce the launch of Pro Insight, the only global identity review solution that provides six ways to search, robust analytics and admin tools, direct workflow integrations, and a clear and focused user experience.
The rich and granular data provided by Pro Insight enables organizations of all sizes to assess identity risk, approve good transactions, and investigate fraud on a global scale. We’ve built this tool with a foundation of over 20 years of global data sourcing and one goal in mind— to create the top manual review product on the market. Making fraud detection easier, Pro Insight improves customer satisfaction and provides agents with a single cross-border solution to verify an identity behind a transaction.
Why relaunch our manual review tool?
Ekata is constantly innovating to create market-driven products. Through customer visits and rigorous market beta-testing, we rethought the manual review process from the ground up to better fit the needs of manual review agents today. We incorporated customer ideas and feedback to create an improved product for our users— Pro Insight. We focused on balancing accuracy and efficiency to increase productivity, catch fraudulent orders, and improve customer satisfaction.
What is included in Pro Insight?

  • Identity Review – allows for a quick comprehensive view of the identity behind a transaction by cross-checking the 5 core digital and traditional data attributes— email, phone, name, primary and secondary addresses, and IP
  • Deep dives and individual searches – explore the Ekata Identity Graph of over 8 billion links to investigate data attributes further and find associated people, historical information, and more
  • Admin tools, reporting, and advanced analytics – view detailed reports on usage, users, and coverage (available in list view and for export)
  • Direct workflow integration for both existing and proprietary platforms – access full Identity Review results directly from any platform with a single click
  • Scalable support, customization, and security – benefit from a wide variety of features for teams of all sizes such as SSO, dedicated support, enhanced security, and advanced analytics

What’s new about Pro Insight?
We’ve tailored our features to be even more useful and insightful for manual review agents and fraud professionals. There are four new main features:

  1. Global Confidence Score – We’ve moved our risk score to the top of the page to reduce agent review time. Our score gives a quick first view of the risk associated with an identity by leveraging real-time global data, millions of transactional patterns across our Identity Network, machine learning, and sophisticated data science.
  2. Key positive and negative signals – We’ve added a list of signals to tell you the story behind the Confidence Score. Listed in order of importance by strength, these signals are dynamic and evolve based on the most current fraud trends seen by our Identity Network.
  3. Distance calculation map – Ekata is always evaluating how to improve the user experience. We’ve now included an interactive tool that shows a visual representation of the distances between the inputs: phone, billing address, shipping address, and IP.
  4. Results columns – Pro Insight has made it easier to deep dive into and understand your results. We now provide details for all 5 attributes, an option to view additional in-depth details, and warnings highlighted in orange.

Try Pro Insight today
A preview of Pro Insight is already available to current customers and will be officially live on July 10th, 2018. Adoption has already reached 85% of users in just a couple of weeks, and we’ve gathered overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new features. We are so excited to continue to innovate and to provide companies around the world with the best identity review solution on the market.
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