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The number of companies conducting business online continues to climb at a rapid pace. Millions of businesses worldwide operate online shopping websites and marketplaces. Numerous companies are accepting online orders and payments for offline services like landscaping and lawn care. Many companies manage user-generated review websites for industries such as travel, hospitality, and tourism.
Any company conducting business online must implement measures to prevent online fraud. And most companies are battling numerous types of online fraud such as new account fraud, account takeover fraud, and promo abuse. Organizations conducting business online must implement measures that will deter fraudsters without adding a lot of unnecessary friction for good customers.
Speed is Essential for Business Applications
Speed is essential for pretty much every business application, which is where response times really come into play. For example, online shoppers expect the checkout process to be quick and easy. If a customer goes to check out an item on a shopping website and address validation takes 10 seconds, that customer will likely abandon their shopping cart. No customer wants to wait 10 seconds for their address to be verified. Response time requirements for third-party APIs ensure that customers experience fast transactions online.
Latency Must be Considered When Integrating an API
We are often approached by companies that are looking for an identity data API that can help improve the overall performance of fraud models and fraud prevention systems. Many of these companies have already integrated multiple third-party APIs. And merchants typically make specific response time requests to gain security and control over the flow. Integrations shouldn’t slow things down, which is why Ekata identity data APIs are designed to be extremely fast.
Ekata APIs are Extremely Fast
Our APIs are not only designed specifically for risk models, but also so that response times are sub-second. The typical round trip, processing time for the Identity Check API is 250 milliseconds. The average round trip, processing time for all other Ekata APIs is 50 milliseconds- which is faster than the blink of an eye! Sub-second response times mean that you could add one of our endpoints to your transactions or ML models without slowing down either of them significantly.
Our product team, data scientists, and engineers work hard every day enhancing our APIs so that each API delivers the right data at high volumes and low latencies. For companies that have strict response time requirements, we can fine-tune each of our identity data APIs to suit your specific needs.
Ekata APIs are Ideal for Tree-Based Models
For companies building models for fraud prevention, Ekata APIs are ideal for tree-based models. Tree-based models are a popular choice for fraud prevention for a number of reasons which are explained in this blog post.
When it comes to assessing most types of fraud, relationships between attributes must be taken into account. These attributes include email, phone, person, address, and IP. Tree-based models are good at detecting relationships between variables, which is why tree-based models are a popular choice when it comes to fraud prevention use cases.
Our APIs are extremely fast and ideal for tree-based models. Need help choosing one of our data APIs for your ML model or rules-based fraud detection system? Our team of machine learning solutions architects is happy to help– contact them today.

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