ChargebackOps Pushes Back On “Buy Online, Pickup In Store” Fraud

The ability to buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) is a convenience many consumers are taking advantage of. Inevitably, fraudsters are also capitalizing on the faster pace of BOPIS sales in the knowledge that companies simply don’t have much time to review orders if they want to maintain the fast SLAs their legitimate customers want.
ChargebackOps, a chargeback management company, is fighting BOPIS fraud in real time by offering their clients dedicated agents who can make high quality review decisions that keep pace with shortened SLA timeframes. Their key? Ekata Pro Insight and a near real-time response. Using the ChargebackOps notification system, their team is immediately made aware of a BOPIS order, and together with Ekata Pro Insight, they can approve or reject the order within minutes.
When an agent first pulls up a BOPIS order in their system, they click an Identity Check deep link built into the page, which initiates a review of a phone number, customer billing address, and IP address. These details, combined with other factors such as Address Verification System (AVS), Card Verification Value (CVV), and order history, help agents make decisions quickly.
Because time is of the essence, it’s critical that agents have high-quality information at their fingertips as quickly as possible. Since implementing Ekata, they have managed to shorten review times by 37%, ensuring that their clients can keep their legitimate customers happy while shutting out fraudsters.
Chris Ballenger, Director of Operations at ChargebackOps, explains how Ekata gives them a competitive edge: “If the basic information already looks great, Ekata takes us from 75% confirmation on the order to 100% confirmation. But in cases where there are questions in that initial view, that’s where Ekata really shines. It’s gives us the further detail to understand if we need to scrutinize this order even more, potentially call up to the customer to verify, or just outright deny the order.”
A few highlights:
Review times decreased by 37%
With Ekata, the average timeframe of BOPIS reviews is now 5.7 minutes as compared to the previous average of 9 minutes.
Three strikes and BOPIS fraud is out
The three strikes rule helps eliminate fraudulent orders: if an agent can identify three high-risk factors within in order and the customer doesn’t have order history within the client gateway, the order is automatically denied.
More compelling evidence to fight chargebacks
Along with preventing fraud, the information provided by Identity Check also helps them build stronger cases more quickly when it comes to contesting chargebacks for their clients.
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