Ekata expands into canine data with Woofpages Pro

Here at Ekata, we love hearing from our customers and partners. Feedback is how we manage to continuously improve our product offerings. With the help of customer input, we are proud to offer best-in-class identity verification that looks at email, phone, name, address, and IP data, all delivered in a single query in just fractions of a second. We are a customer first organization so when our customers start asking for a new feature en masse, we make it our mission to listen and do our best to enhance our offerings.
Recently, we’ve been hearing requests for Dog Data to be added to our Identity Graph. After all, in the United States alone there are over 73M dogs, and in Europe upwards of 60M. We’re looking at an estimated 40B dollar dog industry! So it’s only natural that dog data has been a top of mind necessity to mitigate fraud attacks. How can you truly detect fraud and reduce manual review without knowing for a fact if your customer is a dog?
Today we are proud to announce our new pooch product, Woofpages Pro. Woofpages Pro will be the global leader in Dog Data, allowing sophisticated data buyers to be confident that their Dog Data needs are being met every time they hit the dog database. With Woofpages Pro, you will be able to identify what kind of pup your customer is, how good of a dog they are, what dogs they associate themselves with at the dog park, and even what they’ve been sniffin’ recently. Our immediate roadmap outlines future features such as the ability to actually pat them on the head with the click of a button if they are, in fact, a good dog.
We understand that verifying doggy details can be ruff which is why we are proud to be unleashing Woofpages Pro today. Next, we’ll be adding cat data to identify these sneaky animals intentions. You can learn more about our new Woofpages Pro solution here.

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