Achieve VIP Lane Status: Hot topics from the KNOW Identity Conference

The Ekata Team attended the 2018 KNOW Identity Conference in Washington, DC from March 26-28. In only its second year, the attendance was up significantly from last year, which is good news for the identity verification space. The sessions covered a broad range of topics including digital authentication, fraud detection, and an abundance of topics on improving the customer authentication experience. Throughout the sessions and in the exhibit area, there seemed to be a consensus that there will always be an acceptable risk in any kind of a transaction, but tightening down too hard on fraud can have an adverse experience for your good customers. Instead, the conversation has now shifted to solving the problem of “how can I improve my customer’s digital transaction experience?”
Today’s digital customer demands a “VIP Lane Status” – Consumers will gladly go through a few initial steps to get authenticated, but after that, expectations are high that they will breeze through your log-in or purchase process without any friction whatsoever. As password fatigue continues to proliferate, consumers will migrate to brands with frictionless account log-ins and one-click purchasing. To solve this problem, companies are migrating to machine learning solutions that can instantly validate user device and behavior, and also verify data attributes such as phone, name, email and IP address to the transaction.
“Biometrics are everywhere,” according to Todd Edebohls, SVP of CLEAR, a leading provider of identity verification services which uses biometrics: “Imagine a future where you can touch a pad or look at a camera and then quickly get access to everywhere you want to go and everything you want to see—no keys, keypads, keycards, membership cards, i.d. cards, driver’s licenses, no swiping, that the future is happening now with networked biometric services like CLEAR. It’s just the beginning of our society’s shedding physical artifacts to prove identity and entitlements that are more easily proven with our biometrics—so much ahead!”
Most importantly, there is no silver bullet for global identity verification. Gartner Research recommends taking a holistic approach to fraud, which consists of static data-based identification, rule based risk assessment, endpoint profiling, entity relationship graph, behavior analytics, user interface protection, and continuous risk assessment. The Ekata Identity Check API provides real-time global data, machine learning, and network insights across all five core data attributes of email, phone, person, physical address, and IP to deliver an accurate indicator of risk on any transaction, in fractions of a second. The graph-structured data enables Ekata to understand the match statuses and risk signals between those data elements and allows our customers and machine learning partners to perform their own linkage analysis. Adding Ekata’s Identity Check as part of your holistic approach to global identity verification will help reduce friction in your digital transactions and help your customers achieve the desired VIP Lane Status.
For more information about Ekata Identity Check, watch our Identity Check video.

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