Paladin Group releases vendor report to serve as compass in a complicated fraud landscape

The Paladin Group recently published an industry report to serve as “a compass in a complicated fraud landscape”. The Paladin Vendor Report 2018 includes extensive research of over 40 tools, platforms, and services, giving a comprehensive snapshot of the fraud prevention industry to help eCommerce companies align their vendor choices with their individual fraud prevention needs.
As fighting fraud and mitigating risk in the eCommerce industry continues to become more complex, Paladin does a nice job in this report of breaking the vendor landscape into the different categories needed for companies to create an end-to-end fraud strategy.

  • Fraud Platforms and Decision Engines
  • User Behavior & Behavioral Biometrics
  • 3DS and Consumer Authentication
  • Device Identification & Recognition
  • Identification and Data Verification
  • Chargeback Management & Platforms

Ekata is featured in the Identification and Data Verification category of the report. Our flagship Identity Check product provides an essential piece of a holistic fraud strategy by providing and linking digital and traditional data signals that tell the story behind an identity. Using these signals, eCommerce companies are able to quickly filter out fraud and approve more good orders.
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