Pro Product 2017

As another year comes to an end, it is always a good time to reflect on our Product team’s achievements, what went well and what we can improve on for 2018. Last week, the Product Management team got together and did just that. Here are some of the highlights from our retrospect.
The Ekata Identity Network
Our biggest effort this year has been with our Network that is powering the Confidence Score, making it easy for organizations of all sizes to utilize the power of all our identity data. Leveraging the millions of patterns across our network and Identity Check’s 70+ data signals, the Confidence Score provides an actionable number on a scale of 0-500 for easy real-time rule building and/or model integration. It enables businesses to improve the identity verification process by addressing both ends of the spectrum and identify good customers at the low end and fraudulent ones at the high end of that scale. There have been several iterations to improve the accuracy of our Confidence Score and the level of insights we provide have hugely benefited our customers by decreasing customer insult rates and finding fraud.
Global expansion
We’ve continued investments in our International data, which is an enormous effort. Many data markets are not as mature as the US and finding quality, trusted sources is a challenge we’ve been tackling throughout 2017. Identity Check is global and provides name, email, phone and IP match statuses and metadata. We added coverage in 50+ countries for phone, and have email data in all counties. Of course, we continue to expand and improve coverage rates, and a main focus in 2018 will be enabling name to address matching in more countries.
Enterprise class
From our focus on scale with security and configurability, to our improvements in administrative tools and product reporting and analytics; we keep listing to our customers and evolving the solutions to best serve their needs. There is more to be done here starting with our SOC2 certification, simplifying SSO enablement and providing Network insights directly in our web user interface. Already these efforts are paying off as customers see us more as a trusted partner and the solution as a vital part of mission critical workflows for risk mitigation and customer experience.
However, even with all the progress, there are areas we felt we could’ve pushed harder. One of the big areas that we weren’t able to release in 2017 is showcasing our Identity Network product capabilities in Identity Check Web. There are several insights and product features that will improve manual review agents’ workflows in fraud and velocity patterns to further help them efficiently identify the good orders from the risky ones. We also plan to continue iterating around more Enterprise administrative capabilities to provide more insight into team and individual usage, coverage rates, and smart insights that can showcase unique customer and fraud patterns.
We are always interested in hearing more from the market and customers we serve. Do you have ideas on what areas you think we should invest? What do you like about the Ekata solution? What could improve? What fraud patterns and identity verification services do you believe need further investigation in 2018? Send me a note to ( or just drop a line saying ‘hi’. I love interacting with customers and knowing about their pain points and how we can help. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

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