How the Ekata Identity Network Helps with Catching Fraud

An innovative part of our fraud detection arsenal is the Ekata Identity Network, which allows us to analyze millions of historical transactions across our customer base and use this intelligence for any new transaction. The Ekata Identity Network is one of the two broad components that feed the Identity Check Confidence Score, the other being Identity Check’s 70+ data signals covering match statuses and metadata across a person’s name, address, phone number, email and IP.
The intuition behind the Ekata Identity Network is simple – there are predictable patterns that correspond to the behavior of genuine customers and fraudsters.  Since we are used every single day by hundreds of customers processing millions of transactions, in their workflows, we have access to this unique repository of information that is extremely valuable.
The Ekata Identity Network includes multiple identity element velocities, transactional frequencies and linkage history attributes. Principally, each attribute represents a different behavioral pattern that we believe has value in identifying the nature of a transaction. While architecting the network we considered hundreds of attributes, before filtering them using sophisticated data science techniques that look at their statistical value in predicting fraud. Typically, we also run extensive tests to measure the dollar value impact of such attributes in catching chargebacks and saving review costs before adding them into our scoring models. Powering the Ekata Identity Network is also a sophisticated engineering infrastructure that calculates the attributes and scores new transactions in milliseconds, so that our customers can make real time decisions – whether it is approving an e-commerce order, processing payments or transferring money. The Ekata Identity Network is constantly improving – as we refine our models and attributes, and as the underlying repository of transactions increases, it learns and adapts.
If you are using the Identity Check API or Web product, you are automatically benefitting from the Ekata Identity Network at no extra cost. To learn more about Identity Check and our powerful network, click here.

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