Why Freight Forwarder Flag Matters

Fraudsters continue to up their sophistication in fraud attacks and continuously find new ways to beat fraud prevention systems and tools. Fortunately, Ekata also continues to up our game by innovating on our market leading identity verification data solution, Identity Check.
Identity Check is our global identity verification solution that returns over 70+ data attributes, including seven data match statuses, a Confidence Score, and details behind the five key consumer attributes of name, addresses, email, phone, and IP—in just one search query.
Some recent additions that are helping companies fight fraud while also identifying good customers are the “Is forwarder flag” and  “age range.”
Why does identifying “freight forwarder flag” matter?
Under our address data we are able to identify whether an address associated with the order actually belongs to a reshipper or freight forwarding company. It can be a risk signal when a purchaser uses a reshipper’s address to receive an order.
For example, sophisticated fraudsters know that international orders are inherently riskier than domestic orders, so it is not uncommon for a fraudster to use a US freight forwarder address as the shipping address when ordering from outside the country. Those stolen goods are then forwarded on to an international address by the reshipper. There are officially only 3,000 registered freight forwarding companies; however, Ekata is able to identify over 10,000 freight forwarders.
Also new to Identity Check is age range. We provide the age range for all of the following: the registered owner of the email, the resident associated with the address, and the owner of the phone number that is on the order. This demographic information helps paint a more comprehensive picture of who is behind the order. For example, does a brand new gaming console purchased by a senior make sense?
Seniors aren’t the only ones being targeted, but they tend to be trustworthy and can fall victim to the scare tactics used by fraudsters. According to bankrate.com, seniors are often targeted by tech support scams, when a fraudster calls to tell them there is a virus on their computer and that the caller needs to take over their computer remotely to make the repair. Not only could the fraudster charge for this service, but they can also take over the senior’s accounts to obtain sensitive information, passwords, and email access. They then use this information to defraud companies and place orders for physical and digital goods.
Manual review agents can use the addition of age range data, in combination with the other 70+ Identity Check data attributes, to get a better view of the identity behind the order:

  • Does age range (in combination with other signals) make this order seem risky?
  • Does the product or service being purchased make sense for this customer?
  • Can we tell a story about what may be going on with this order when we factor in demographic information?

The freight forwarder data and demographic data additions provide more information to the manual review agents—allowing them to make quick and accurate decisions about a transaction. At Ekata, we are fiercely committed to helping companies identify their good customers while keeping the fraud out as well as maintaining a consistent feedback loop with our customers to provide the best identity data available on the market.
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