Building for Speed and Scale

We recently moved our iGraph and APIs to the cloud—on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform. The cloud creates a convenient abstraction layer, where we don’t have to worry about hardware, redundant power, redundant connectivity and most importantly, how to build scale for billions of data attributes. In other words, we can focus our resources on building better, faster products instead of spending precious development time managing hardware.
What does this mean for customers? It means even faster response time, better load handling, and improved availability in case of a disaster—at no additional cost.
AWS provides 3 great advantages:

  • Provides much better availability and failover. With multiple regions and availability zones per region—we don’t have to worry about a single point of failure of a data center in one location.
  • Increases speed due to optimal location In a matter of minutes, we can easily deploy in multiple regions around the world. For our East Coast customers it will decrease response times by 50-150ms on each query—without requiring any changes by them.
  • Allows us to scale. Until this change, there were concerns about how to scale quickly and requests for 100ms response times. But no more—with AWS autoscaling, we can handle 10x or even 100x traffic.

Additionally, to deploy in Europe, we can do it extremely fast because the abstraction layer makes every AWS region identical. Migrating to AWS enables us to consume shared computing, storage and other resources faster so our product data and engineering teams can focus on delivering our customers the best in class identity verification data.
Want to learn how we help our customers rig for speed? Check out Ekata Deep Build Link Builder—which enables agents to perform an Identity Check query with a single click directly from their platform.

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