Ekata data updates: more powerful links between people

Ekata Pro Insight is powered by our Identity Graph, a fully-integrated, high-availability database of identity data that has been curated and corroborated to deliver unparalleled coverage, accuracy, and performance. The real power lies in the linkages that connect people, phones, addresses, emails, and IPs to help businesses confidently assess and verify consumer identities. As such, we’re always working hard to provide our users with more reliable linkages to help them verify online identities. Today, Pro Insight users will experience three new updates on search results for people, phone numbers, and addresses.
So, what are these new links?
1)     True or false: Ekata can link associated people to a person, phone, and address?… True! Our latest updates improve those details; we now list person to person links under a person. We also designate one relationship type to the primary owner/resident:

  • Spouse
  • Immediate family
  • Extended family
  • Associated people
  • Household member

Now you can easily identify if an applicant uses Uncle Joe’s phone number as their employer. Or that Mrs. Suzie Suppertime ordered a tea kettle for Mr. Johnny Suppertime.
2)     True or false: there is potentially more than one phone owner for a phone number?… True! Finding the correct owner for mobile phones is tricky and getting trickier every day. Is the owner the person who pays the bill? Is the owner on a family plan that covers a family across the whole country? Possibly both. Or neither. The consolidation of individual accounts into family plans is one reason why we are now surfacing Potential Owner links under a phone number.
3)     True or false: we show current and historical addresses corroborated from 30+ years of address history?… True! When an address gets linked to a person we establish a “first-link” date of when we first noted the link between the person and the address. We do some quick math to let you know how long Jane Sunnyside was linked to 123 Cherry St., Seattle, WA 98101.
How did we make the updates on Pro Insight?
We’re always looking for ways to improve and surface data that makes our clients’ job easier. It was a multi-step process to populate these new links in Pro Insight. First, we refreshed our search result page designs to balance extra link data with the readability of the data currently displayed. The results are now easier to read with a more modern and clean interface. The person, phone, and address data are all seamlessly linked and displayed in a single white content card, rather than individual boxes.
The next step in the update was to connect Search by in Pro Insight to our latest 3.0 API. Yes, we are our own customers of our API! This allows us to provide web users with new links and the freshest data.
We can always improve our product and you as a customer know what can and will make your job easier. Please contact your Account Manager with any thoughts or feedback to let us know how we can help. Enjoy the new links!

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