Staples Collaboration Award

Last week, our Vice President of Marketing, Tom Donlea and I attended the annual Staples Global Loss Prevention Conference. This is a time when the department assesses current initiatives and starts planning for the next year. Being an omni-channel retailer, Staples is dealing with loss prevention issues as varied as physical store security, shrinkage, supply chain logistics, and of course, online fraud.
We were invited to attend this year and were honored with an award. The Staples online fraud team chose two of their fraud prevention vendors Ekata and Kount for their “Collaboration Award.”
In early 2016, the Staples team requested that Kount integrate the Ekata identity data into their fraud platform. The online fraud prevention team had seen the power of utilizing identity data (name, address, phone, email and IP) to prevent account takeover and prevent chargebacks and wanted full integration into their Kount fraud platform via our API.
We spent the better part of six months with Kount, hashing out the commercial and technical specifications to make the request a reality. Once the integration was complete, Staples was able to reduce the number of orders they needed to manually review and reduce the time that was spent on each order that had to be reviewed.
“We’re honored to be recognized by Staples, along with Ekata,” said Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing. “The combination of identity data and our fraud platform is a powerful way to not only prevent fraud, but also clear good orders faster.”
This is just another example of how we work closely with our customers and partners to develop fraud strategies, incorporate best practices and streamline data and platforms.
We are greatly honored to receive the Staples Collaboration Award. We are thankful for our partnership with Kount and the close collaboration with the Staples team.

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