MRC London Recap

A few of my colleagues and I attended MRC’s Europe event to talk to merchants about Ekata’s international data offering.
Our CEO Rob Eleveld and I spoke at separate sessions during the conference. Rob discussed how mobile phone numbers are starting to replace traditional identification sources, such as Social Security numbers, as a unique global identifier. I participated in a session with industry leaders Vesta and Ravelin to discuss Gartner’s four layers of identity assessment, which is a framework that merchants can use to implement a layered approach when authenticating identities. We recommended that merchants leverage solutions that cover all four layers to create a holistic approach to identity assessment.
Our fraud platform partners, Kount, CyberSource, and Accertify were all present at the event and we were happy to learn about each of their robust international customer bases. Any merchant on one of these platforms can seamlessly access international and/or domestic identity data through a single integration.
There were many key takeaways from the event. It’s clear that merchants are longing for better ways to authenticate international customers. We heard numerous complaints that merchants have to go market-by-market to source data for authentication, which is a cumbersome and expensive process. The challenges associated with securing reliable identity data in Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil were consistently mentioned as particularly difficult.
Fortunately, we were able to share how we can help global merchants solve these issues. For example, Ekata validates phones and addresses in 170 countries worldwide while providing robust email and IP intelligence, including tying a name to an email address internationally—giving merchants the ability to confidently approve international orders and flag risky ones for review.
Overall, it was a worthwhile conference full of great conversations and key learnings. If you’re interested in learning more, read our new eBook titled, “Grow Cross-border eCommerce and Mitigate Fraud.” We address five key challenges retailers can overcome with global identity verification data.

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