New Identity Check Interface!

Technology changes quickly, and here at Ekata we move fast to deliver industry-leading global identity verification products to our customers and partners to stay in front of fraud. Ease and speed are vital to our product development process so we can help businesses identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new customer account creation.
Ekata Identity Check is our global identity verification data solution that helps companies verify identities by accepting five data points – name, address (primary and secondary), email, IP, and phone number – in just one search. It returns the match statuses between the five key data fields and the details behind each of the data elements, such as phone number line type, address deliverability status, email first seen date, and an IP proxy flag.
And today, the web results page got a new face-lift, making it even easier and faster to verify a customer’s identity.
So, what’s changed in Identity Check?

  • Now the data in every results column will be displayed in the same order. No searching for the info you need.
  • Email and IP results have been separated into their own columns for quicker verification.
  • Only the most important and reliable indicators are emphasized as warnings or as positive indicators.
  • New help language explains why data is marked as a warning or as positive.
  • A cleaner design with larger primary text and more informative labels makes it easier to find and read your Identity Check results.

We’ve also released a couple of new features in the address section, including:

  • The capability to handle partial addresses (i.e. city + state or just zip code) for orders when full addresses aren’t required, which we often see for digital goods companies.
  • The ability to identify freight forwarders to see if an address on a transaction is a re-shipper.

Identity Check has been adopted by many of the top brands and names in fraud prevention because it is easily accessible, doesn’t require a bunch of cutting and pasting, and reduces the number of search tools needed to verify an identity. Identity Check is available through via API and the updated web interface with:

  • Direct and full integration from the leading fraud platforms, Accertify, Cybersource, and Kount.
  • Deep Link single click integration via Platform Extensions or with Ekata’s Deep Link Builder, configurable in any platform.
  • Your own IT custom integration.

Leading eCommerce companies like SharkNinja, FTD, Getaroom, and GoPro all use Identity Check to reduce customer insult rates, manual review queues, and chargeback rates with five searches in just one single query.
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