Rig for Speed with Identity Check Deep Links

Speed is always at the forefront of our minds here at Ekata. Our CEO, Rob Eleveld, emphasizes the importance of rigging the business for speed – from data response times and product updates to market-facing communication and account support, Pro is aligned to move fast in order to provide industry-leading products in an ever-changing data landscape. Speed is a particularly vital component in our product development process to ensure we’re building the best possible solutions for our numerous clients across industries. Within the retail space, we work closely with manual review agents to help them mitigate risk, clear good orders faster, and reduce customer insult rates by quickly identifying their best customers.
When thinking about speed, it all starts with Identity Check™, which enables our clients to run a five-queries-in one identity verification query via API or our web interface. With a single query, Identity Check tells you if a name, phone(s), address(es), email, and IP address on a transaction look to belong to the same person and returns additional actionable data about each element (i.e. phone line type and address deliverability status).
To help our customers rig for speed, we built the Ekata Deep Link Builder that allows agents to perform a complete Identity Check query with a single click directly out of their platform, whether it be proprietary or standard-issue. The Ekata Deep Link Builder is a free Chrome extension that eliminates the need to copy and paste a customer’s name, address(es), phone(s), IP address, and email address into multiple search windows. The extension pulls data from the order review platform via our extension (see below image) to a complete search query and associated results using Deep Links – a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content.

Once enabled, manual review agents can run a complete Identity Check query with a single click.
Installing and setting up the extension is free and only takes about 5 minutes – just follow the steps in our guide. Also, just as a reminder, the Ekata Deep Link Builder needs zero development effort. We built this tool so agents could set up the extension within minutes without the need for any code configuration.
“I definitely like that we can provide a secondary address, as our recipient information is often different from the sender.  It can raise a red flag when the IP address is in the vicinity of the recipient and 1,000 miles from the sender.  This is a new comparable we did not have before we started using the deep link extension.”
– Bryan Schwartz, Senior CS Operations Generalist at FTDi
While the Deep Link Builder will save manual review agents time (generally 30 seconds to a minute per order), I like to think about the speed of Identity Check in three tiers – fast, faster, and the fastest.
Fast (Identity Check Web, aka Trayvon Bromell)
For those who don’t know Bromell, he is an American sprinter who finished last in the finals of the 100M dash at the 2016 Olympic Finals with a time of 10.06 seconds – an incredible feat. Just like Bromell, Identity Check Web is fast. Our web product eliminates the need to individually search a name, address(es), phone(s), email address, and IP Address in separate queries. However, it gets better. There are faster options that we have built for our customers (and, unfortunately for Trayvon Bromell, there are also faster sprinters).
Faster: (Identity Check Web with Deep Links, aka Usain Bolt)
Everyone knows that Bolt is faster than every other runner ever. It’s no wonder he is known as the greatest sprinter of all time. Similar to Bolt, Deep Links are faster than copying and pasting information into our Pro Web interface; Deep Links are the quickest way to use Pro Web and allow agents to search with one click. Even though Bolt and Deep links are faster, they aren’t the fastest.
Fastest (Identity Check API, aka The Flash)
The Flash is is the fastest. While Brommell and Bolt are timed in seconds, the Flash finishes races in milliseconds. Blink… and the Flash is gone. Our Identity Check API also operates at the same speed, making it the fastest way to tell if a name, phone(s), address(es), email, and IP address on a transaction look to belong to the same person.
At the end of the day, our Deep Link Builder was developed to help our customers use Identity Check faster in order to quickly and accurately decision on the most complicated orders while ensuring that good orders are getting out the door as fast as possible. After all, when a customer places an order, they aren’t secretly hoping that their t-shirt, plane ticket, or cute book about cats gets stuck in a lengthy manual review, they want their order fast. Merchants – it’s time to rig for speed with Identity Check and Deep Links.
For more information, check out the installation tutorial, watch the quick video, or download the PDF.
Quick reminders: the extension only works on Chrome. If you use one of our partner platforms, you do not need the extension.

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