The Key to a Successful Partner Integration is in the Details: Part 4 in a 6 Part Partner Series

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One of the key reasons that Ekata has successful integrations with three of the major fraud platforms in eCommerce is our attention to detail.  It cannot be overstated that every single detail of integrating identity data into a fraud platform requires attention – we have learned this the hard way!  When we first worked to establish partnership structures, we failed to notice a few nuances of an integration and then had to suffer through incomplete data sets and substandard customer support… until a revision could be made to the coding.  Here are four key things Pro has implemented to ensure successful partnership integrations in eCommerce:

  1. Common language:  Although we’re all operating in the same industry and focused on the same functions (preventing fraud, approving more good transactions, providing great customer service), it has been amazing to see the language differences and varied approaches to meeting these desired outcomes.  When we work with partners, we ensure that our collateral and documentation are consistent across sites and contacts so that our joint clients can implement the data as effectively and seamlessly as possible.
  2. Understanding the end user:  We spend a lot of time in the market sitting with joint customers to understand the nuances of the platform and how the customer uses it.  Loyalty use cases are different from transactional review.  Digital merchants operate differently from physical goods merchants.  Those conducting cross-border commerce have different issues than those selling only in North America.  By appreciating these intricacies, the Pro partner team is better equipped to help merchants best leverage our data within partner platforms.
  3. Partner knowledge:  Some of the platforms have conditional rules, some utilize machine learning, others offer rules-based scoring.  Knowing how each platform operates goes hand in hand with the importance of joint customer knowledge. Understanding how merchants make decisions inside our partner platforms has been key for us to gain traction in real-time order verification use cases.
  4. Excellent documentation:  While our public API documentation is great, we learned that partners require a more tailored approach. We develop documentation specifically for each partner we’re onboarding to make sure the integration is as polished as possible upon launch. After documentation is delivered, we work closely with the Product Management, Developer, and QA teams to ensure our partners and joint customers are equipped to succeed.

Lastly, it has been so important to establish rapport with our key partner liaisons.  Knowing how their world operates, key issues they are wrestling with inside their company, and even their own management style are very helpful in successfully launching and maintaining partnerships.  We are very lucky to have motivated and focused partners who are focused on improving their products and ultimately increasing customer retention.
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Ekata is honored to work with our partners and help them better serve their customers across the globe.

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