2016 – Top 3 from Product

As 2016 nears its end, we as a product team took some time to reflect over the past year. We talked about our achievements, progress made, learnings we had, and how to build upon it all going into 2017. There are several wins (and some not so much) that I could spend a full day talking about, but I’ve narrowed it down to the three for us that we are very proud of because they have a big impact for our customers.
One of Pro’s top strategic initiatives for the past couple of years has been global identity verification. Looking back, we have come a long way in expanding our identity footprint across the globe in 2016. The year started with international identity verification enabled within Identity Check. And from there it has been a grind. Every week we continue to add new data providers to improve our coverage and fine tune our algorithms, given the specifics and peculiarities of each region. Whether it is fuzzy matching of names considering localization and naming patterns (i.e. Robert and Bob vs. Roberto and Berto) in each language, phone and address formatting differences from country to country and region to region, or consideration and compliance with local privacy laws, there are tons of challenges to verifying identities in the international space. It is then rewarding to see a consistent positive trend line in terms of our ability to identify good/bad transactions, applications, and calls globally. Keep an eye on Identity Check because there are many things to come and I am looking forward to building on our Global Identity Verification mantra throughout 2017.
Partner Integrations
No product is worth any effort if it is not helping our customers with their pain points when and where they happen. To that end, one of the top focus areas for Ekata’s product team has been to ensure solid integrations with key partners. From Accertify, CyberSource, and Kount to Twilio, Zoot and FICO, I am proud to have seen these integrations through to get Pro identity verification solutions seamlessly integrated into joint customer workflows.
Identity Check Iterations
Our best in class identity verification product has continued to evolve and improve to be a unique offer in the market. We’ve improved email address checks, including a step change in email-to-name coverage, constantly improved phone and address coverage, and iterated on fuzzy matching algorithms. Our enterprise class APIs got faster response times, better fidelity with IP address checks, more granularity on country codes, and the list can go on and on. Release a product once and iterate on it a million times: Pro product has been true to this philosophy and I am glad to see how Identity Check has evolved in 2016. If you have not already, take an Identity Check spin here.
We value the market’s thoughts and feedback. If you’ve got specific fraud patterns that we should look at, let me know. I am always curious to hear from our customers and partners on how we can improve our product and build on our identity verification solutions in this dynamic and ever-changing fraud space.
Happy holidays and best wishes for a fantastic New Year!

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