Caller Identification and Reverse Phone search are now one API

Get the best of our phone data through a single API; our newest Reverse Phone API is now available.
Even after 20 years in the identity data industry, we still strive to improve our products and make it easier for companies to get the data that matters most to them. As consumer transactions have gone mobile, we’ve spent a significant amount of time working to provide our customers with the identifying details behind a phone number. We believe that a mobile phone number is the worldwide de facto key identifier for a person.
So in order to best serve the market and make our data easily accessible for businesses, we’ve combined the phone data from the previous Caller Identification API and Reverse Phone Search into a single product, Reverse Phone API. From just a phone number we provide an owner’s name, address, demographics, phone details (like line-type, carrier, pre-paid status and more), associated people in the household, and relatives. Ou phone data is second to none in the market place for phone to name coverage and depth of data into phone details.
The phone number has become one of the most readily provided pieces of identifying customer data. Knowing the details behind the number on a transaction, inbound call, lead form, or application can give businesses the ability to better understand their customers and prospects.
By implementing the Reverse Phone API, companies can:

  • Improve call routing for better customer experience and prioritize queues by ROI potential.
  • Enrich customer records and automatically enhance customer demographics and contact info in the CRM.
  • Handle dropped calls by capturing the data behind the number.

You can learn more about leveraging a phone number in our latest eBook: “What’s in a Phone Number“.
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