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Success Story

Learn how Backcountry and Ekata came together to reduce fraud, reduce customer insult rates, and ship customers the products they love faster and with greater confidence.

Backcountry opened their online store in 1996, so with twenty years under their belt; they know what it takes to be successful in managing today’s high customer demands, disruptive technologies, and clever fraudsters in a digital world. They are huge proponents of data driven decisions.

Jamon Whitehead, Sr. Manager of Payment and Risk Operations takes us back to the beginning:

Backcountry already had an experienced team, proven tools and a track record of efficiency going for us so we were skeptical that we would experience much lift by adding a new identity verification.

We decided to implement Ekata manual review solution to assist us in our fraud review process. After months of consideration and research on many identity verification vendors, the decision was made to move ahead with Ekata. There were a few growing pains which often come with implementing a new technology, but Ekata has proven to be very responsive and communicative to our team. Our team made several suggestions for product improvement and the Pro team incorporated nearly all of our suggestions. We have been impressed with their willingness to listen to us.

Making a positive mark on metrics

Decrease customer insult rate 12% YOY
Usually the higher the amount of fraud a merchant catches the higher the insult rate, but Backcountry experienced a positive downward trend from 86bps to 75bps.
Increase fraud detection rates 13%
Lots of factors contribute, but having Ekata data empowered the team to make decisions on clearing an order with accuracy and confidence.
Near perfect fulfillment rates at 99%
Obviously the quicker Backcountry ships an order, the happier they make their customers. Backcountry holds itself to a high-standard set at 97% in 2014... but adding Pro to their arsenal allowed them to strive for even greater performance.

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