Over 26M new accounts verified


Increase sign-ups and decrease fraud

Use our real-time, global data to quickly verify new accounts

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Increase sign-ups and decrease fraud


Companies must accelerate legitimate sign-ups and detect fraud in fractions of a second.

Synthetic identity theft

Synthetic identity fraud makes up 20%, or over $6 billion, of credit losses.

Account takeover

More than 80% of businesses confirm that fake users are a problem.

Progressive sign-ups

Consumer expectations have amplified the importance of approving applicants quickly.


Simplify account openings with real-time identity data the credit bureaus can’t provide.

Increase quality sign-ups

Identify quality customers quickly and reduce customer friction with automated identity verification.

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Prevent fake accounts

Fight fraud and prevent synthetic identity theft with accurate data and real-time machine learning.

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Reduce customer friction

Provide a better user experience and increase customer satisfaction with a simplified sign-up process.

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Ekata gave us the ability to look at our users from many different angles from one source, which gave us confidence in coming up with a succinct and accurate assessment of the IDs of our users.”

Ivan Galli
VP of Operations, ABRA


Ekata identity data APIs streamline new account openings to accelerate legitimate sign-ups and detect fraud in fractions of a second.

Identity Check API

Real-time global data and network insights

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Global data coverage

Identity data in over 170 countries

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Real-time enterprise APIs

Global APIs delivered in under 250 ms

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