Mastercard identity

Strategic identity verification

Business growth, fraud prevention and the health of the digital payments ecosystem require a verified identity, but without increasing friction in the customer experience.


  • Complementing AML risk assessment and KYC with identity insights

  • What do inefficient manual fraud reviews really cost you?

  • Four ways to bring value to your ecommerce fraud prevention team

Identity is the foundation of the digital economy. We empower businesses to seamlessly verify it at critical stages in the payments lifecycle.

Mastercard Identity works behind the scenes, providing machine learning-powered identity verification and fraud prevention solutions. This allows businesses in ecommerce and financial services to identify good customers, stop fraud, minimize friction and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

key benefits

We use vetted, model-ready data and insights to support global identity verification

Increase approval rates

Verify a higher volume of legitimate interactions to promote customer acquisition and retention, prevent fake accounts and deter the abuse of loyalty programs.

Optimize manual review


Enable review agents to approve

valid customers faster, reduce abandonment and increase overall productivity.

Reduce payment risk and chargebacks

Decline more fraudulent transactions, protect your revenue stream and make accurate risk decisions pre-, post-, and during authorization

Combat transaction fraud

Enhance fraud prevention and avoid lost revenue by strategically declining suspicious transactions while reducing friction for good customers during checkout.

Our experts are ready to help you grow

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Approve good customers, authorize transactions faster and reduce fraud risk with our APIs and solutions.


Access our expansive and dynamic data via the platforms and solutions you already use, no development needed.

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Trusted by over 2,000 companies worldwide

“Mastercard Identity was the missing cog in our fraud toolkit. By combining our internal data and tools, we have turbocharged our platform, making it a well-oiled machine. We have saved our major global airline clients tens of millions of dollars in costs they would otherwise incur without any solution like this in place, and our partnership is stronger than ever.”

– CEO and Founder of Status Match, Mark Ross-Smith
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Our Tech

The Identity Network

Harnessing the capabilities of data science and machine learning, the Identity Network combines proprietary datasets as the catalyst for comprehensive identity verification and fraud prevention solutions.

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Insider insights on fraud prevention and strengthening financial frontlines

In today’s evolving digital landscape, fraud prevention has become a critical concern for businesses. To shed light on the emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies and the delicate balance between fraud prevention and user experience, we are thrilled to announce an exclusive on-demand webinar featuring industry experts.

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Achieve a strong customer experience while beating fraud across the client lifecycle

Download this ebook to explore the challenges posed by evolving consumer expectations and sophisticated fraud tactics, and discover practical solutions for counteracting them.